VIRAL!!! Here it is Tips & Tricks to Play Game Among Us !!!


Recently, social media has gone viral with a game called "Among Us".  This game makes players addicted, because the way to play is quite tricky.  Even though it looks very simple, this game can damage your friendship, because it can accuse each other.

Game Among Us is a game with the theme of outer space, where you will choose to be crewmates or impostors.  Crewmates aims to run, operate the aircraft, and find importers among the characters present.  Impostors themselves carry out the task of being the most important impostor or killer in this game.  These impostors will either kill their own comrades or sabotage their duties.

This game can also be played by four or ten players.

Tips & Tricks to Become a Crewmate

 1. Understand how to do tasks

Must understand and master how to complete the mission or task properly and correctly.  You can also learn it through the menu - fareplay then select the map you want to study.

 2. Don't go to quiet places

Try to always stay with and stay with the other teams, so you can stay protected and not get killed.  Also make sure that the place to complete the mission is safe and crowded.

 3. Given the location of the team

This needs to be done, to protect each other during the discussion and to avoid accusations.  In addition, you must remember when and where the last location was before the discussion, as a form of defense if you are accused of being an imposter.

 4. Trust each other

The last point, you have to trust the team in completing this mission.  Because, in this game, cooperation between players is needed.

Tips & Tricks to Become an Imposter

 1. Acting Completing the Mission

In order not to raise suspicion between other players, you must act as if you are on a mission to trick your crewmates.  To do this, visit the crewmates mission location, pretend you are doing something, until the crewmate arrives, kill immediately and make sure it is quiet and no other players are watching.

 2. Do not approach other players

This needs to be done if you are close too often, and you will be accused of being an imposter.  After killing a crewmate, you must immediately move away from another place so that you are not suspected.

 3. Perform Sabotage

Sabotage is best done when you are on the same map as a crewmate.  If immediately sabotage at a location far from the crewmate, the crewmate is forced to run long distances to finish it.

4. Do not enter through the vents

The vent is a special opening for moving that can only be accessed by the impostor.  If no one is concerned, then do not use ventilation to move around.  If a crewmate sees it, your real identity will be revealed.

 5. Accusing Other Players

You have to be good at building alibis and easy to use other crew mates as imposter.  Never be silent when discussing, this will make you look guilty, so that other players will accuse you of being an imposter.

 So, now you know right !!!

 Are you ready to play yet ??

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