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Android 10 hidden features, there is a game that you should know !!

Android 10 -

Hidden game on Android 10

Are you an Android 10 user?  Already know yet, there are features that are hidden in this Android 10.  And of course, there are still many people who don't understand, what's the hidden feature?  Let's see it.

Android 10, or named Android Q, was viral on Twitter with the hashtag # Android10.  Its popularity makes netizens wonder.  What is the uniqueness of this Android 10?  And of course, there are months who use Android 10, but he doesn't realize there are unique features hidden.

So that makes netizens immediately accelerate to try it.  Some are even willing to buy a new cellphone, for the sake of wanting to try the uniqueness of Android 10.  Android 10 is indeed warm, its features are also provided more. 

So, the hidden feature of Android 10 is its gaming feature.  How to open the game also seems unique.  Therefore not many people know.

Here I use Android from Samsung M21.  For the first step, we can open the settings in Android.  as well as to ensure, whether your Android has Android 10 or not.

If it's already entered to settings, you can scroll to the very bottom,

android 10 -
"About Phone"

Double click on the "About Phone" section then it will open in the options submenu again.

android 10 -

"Software Information"

This is what it will look like when we open "About Phone". Next, we can double click on the "Software Information" sub section, it will display something like the one below.

android 10 -

Display of "Software Information", here also shows the One UI Core which is 2.0. Furthermore, the Android version is also listed as Andorid 10.

Many of the users do not understand so they cannot open it, they cannot be clicked / tapped only once or twice. But, just click / knock up to three times before the android opens as shown below.

android 10 -

If the display is out, of course you can change and move it, but if you want the text to rotate, just "Click 3x" and hold it down. then it will rotate.

Change the number 1 to italic, if it is slanted, put it together in the letter O or number 0 then merge it into one until Android Q is formed, here is the video in detail.

Well, how about this, have you tried it? Can you move it yet? if it is running like the video above, then you can click three x on Android but don't hold it this time. then the hidden game from Android 10 will appear

For the game play, there is already a clue on the side, so we are only required to arrange it in the form of an image, if the image has been arranged correctly, then the image below will appear that we made earlier.

For example, like a bell image (loudspeaker), flashlight, and many others, which are never separated from the icon shape shown on Android.

If it's difficult, you can listen to it like the video above. GOOD LUCK

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