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A Powerful Mask to Complete Acne and Scars, the Secret of Marcks + Aloe Vera Powder !!


For skincare fans, you must be familiar when you hear or see the two products in the picture? Of the two products, do you believe there are no hidden secrets? What is the secret of the two products if they combine it into a mask and then apply it to the face? Let us discuss.

Every woman always wants to look beautiful and confident without pockmarks and acne scars around the face. Now the cassava tree has tips and wants to share solutions to overcome and prevent acne reduction.

Wait wait wait, that's not all. But it can remove the scars too. You only need to use it regularly, just use it 1 or 2 times a week. Because if you use masks too often, you are afraid that the results will not be optimal so that it can cause facial skin to become drier.

For the use of face masks at least once a week and a maximum of 2x a week.

There are only two products that need to be prepared, namely:

1. Powder marks

For Marcks powder, I use it with a cream colored powder. In my opinion, the cream color is more pronounced on the face than the other two colors. That is, if there are pimples or scars, the sensation of the powder is unique. You can find Marcks powder at the pharmacy or at the nearest market. For a price of just under 15 thousand, it is very safe and friendly in our pocket. Can be used many times. This powder parade is widely used by us as a powder for foundation only. It is true that Marcks powder is able to treat acne, but many don't know that this powder can be used as a face mask which is five times faster in dealing with acne.

2. Aloe Vera

For aloe vera, we are free to choose from any product with different product variants and prices. But still, it has the same properties. If you choose the original aloe vera from the stem, it doesn't matter right away. As we know, aloe vera can soften to moisturize the skin.

Well, to manage it into a face mask is also quite easy, namely by:

1. Prepare a mask container, such as a plate / bowl and brush / spoon

2. Take 1 or 1.5 tablespoons of marcks powder (to taste) then place it into the container

3. Pour enough aloe vera, or half a tablespoon is enough.

4. Stir well using a brush or other mixer

5. After mixing and stirring evenly, you can apply the finished mask to the face area evenly.

6. Wait for a few minutes, or until the mask is dry.

7. Then wash with warm water.

Only by using these two ingredients you will be delivered with an ordinary sensation when using it. Especially if you have new pimples or acne scars, because when you wear a mask you will feel a cold sensation, and choke the pimples on your face.

This does not brighten the face, but is able to overcome problems that occur on the face such as preventing acne, being able to shrink pimples, to be able to remove acne scars.

So, now you know what is the secret behind Marcks powder and Aloe Vera when combined into a mask?

Good luck and enjoy the extraordinary sensation when wearing this mask.

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